Forging Flame

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An unconventional deep dive into all forms of creativity.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep. 22 — Lead Salad

    Aaaaand we're back! It's been a while since our last Podcast, both Nick and Ryan have been super busy! We do a little catch up here, and talk at length about Ryan's EP release (Lead Salad - Move On) from last month!  We go in depth on the musical creative process, ...


  2. Ep. 21 — Charles Burt

    Episode 21 of Forging Flame is a veritable cornucopia of inspiration and valuable perspective, thanks to the conversation Nick and Ryan had with this week’s guest, Charles Burt! Charles and the guys get into his military experience, the intersection of science and spirituality, and the recent recurring theme ...


  3. Ep. 20 — Kim McCann

    Our guest Kim is an actor/performance artist for a historical museum, a writer (fiction, playwright, fan-fiction), and the quintessential artist type. The overarching theme for this podcast is how art, in its highest form, can evoke powerful emotional responses in people. This is a huge motivation behind the ...


  4. Ep. 19 — Harder Brunch's Dyke Michaels and Kris King

    In this energy-filled episode of Forging Flame, Nick and Ryan sit down with fellow podcasters Kris King and Dyke Michaels, of the “Harder Brunch” podcast. The guys ditch the typical show format, and dig more into experience than process. The conversation goes some...interesting places.  Harder Brunch is ...


  5. Ep. 18 — Ricardo Laranja

    Ricardo Laranja is a world class musician, producer, and Ryan's former college professor/mentor. Recorded on-location at Laranja Studios, we talk music, creativity, inspiration, teaching, food, Brazilian customs, and we nerd out at length about audio/video production equipment. Ricardo is a professor in the Music & Arts Technology program ...